Project Portfolio

From commissioned work to my personal playground

If this tickles your fancy...

…then join me on this adventure! Let’s embrace the unconventional, celebrate the beauty of collaboration, and discover the endless possibilities that come from melding our minds.

As an artist with ADHD, I need high-stimulation, puzzle-solving activities to keep my dopamine levels racing. With art and education, I get to figure out new and interesting ways to communicate ideas visually to people, while feeding that exact need. From exploratory digital patterns to slick graphic arts, my portfolio is a testament to a boundless curiosity and passion for discovery.

My personal art serves as an ongoing exploration of those intricate intersections between place, identity, and gender. As a cross-culture kid, I still find myself carefully navigating diverse social landscapes, while embracing my identity as a genderqueer artist and educator.

Emotes and Channel Logos

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