An artist that loves to create

I started artMules as a side project to learn the business side of art. After a few years of tinkering around with e-commerce, while honing my digital skills, I have to admit it is not easy! For me, my greatest passion is making art, whether that’s for my own consumption or yours.

I have learned a lot on this journey, but the biggest lesson of all is that I have got to be the most authentic me. So here I am presenting myself to you, by way of my art! I hope you like what you see. Best wishes to you and yours.


Hi! I’m L’Oreal, a former high school art teacher, a self-proclaimed over-thinker, and future eccentric. Whether you’ve found me on Twitch, discovered my art on Instagram, or stumbled onto this page, I’m thrilled to welcome you to my creative space. And trust me, everyone is welcome here!

In my world, art is not just a hobby—it’s a compulsion. I’m constantly driven to create and explore new avenues of artistic expression. With a love for problem-solving, herb gardens, and craft beer, I bring a unique blend of quirks and interests to my creative process.

As an artist with ADHD, my ideas and creations are as unpredictable and diverse as the thoughts that run through my head. Expect the unexpected, as I dive into various art mediums, techniques, and subjects. From vibrant paintings to intricate illustrations, from experimental mixed media to captivating digital art, my portfolio is a testament to my boundless curiosity and passion for discovery. I invite you to join me on this exhilarating journey. Embrace the unpredictability and beauty that comes from allowing creativity to flow freely. Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply someone a sense of adventure, I’m excited to have you by my side.

As artists, we all represent a different worldview, a different experience, a different life.
Artist Statement
In the realm of self-awareness, I admire those who exude a profound sense of identity, individuals who seem at ease in their own skin, firmly rooted in their community. During my formative years, I grappled with a lack of self-assurance and a feeling of disconnection from a specific place or group. This journey has given me the ability to channel my perspective into artistic expressions. My art serves as an ongoing exploration of those intricate intersections between identity, gender, sexuality, and place. As a cross-culture kid all grown up, I still find myself carefully navigating diverse social landscapes, embracing my identity as a queer artist and ai advocate.
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